Photo by Ashutosh Shonwani on Pexels.

Innumerably outnumbered
And coursing for artistry
The abstraction of hesitancy
Charters me to expansion

Massive goals Inch by inch
They clinch incrementing
Along the way

In strings of steps to a world
Once imagined whose rope’s
End is infinite

Flaunting actions to dreams
Ignites a propelling pressure
For unseen pruning;
Cancun's, confinements
And man-made caves
Emerge to stagnate, suffocate
And strangle my soul with limited beliefs
Instigating spirals of dimensional paralysis

As trouble depletes my creativity,
A craving for wisdom heightens
Awakening my pulse for destiny

With groans of purpose
I recommit to artistry
Bounding in process
Synchronizing tools and talent.

Nakaziba Musiimenta

Nakaziba Musiimenta

JESUS IS LORD.🕊 Writing expresses the depth of my soul. My pieces tap into imagination with the rawness of my personal experiences & hidden desires.